Headmistress's Message

Leung Yee Wah

Kowloon Tong School was founded in 1936. It is a non-profit private primary school which has for many years an aim of "fostering elites". We adhere to the school motto of "diligence, prudence, courtesy and thrift" in order to ensure that our students receive a balanced education in the domains of ethics, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetics. I have worked for my alma mater KTS for more than 20 years and have been involved in different areas, such as subject management, curriculum reform, policy formulation, and school development, so the educational mission of this school is deeply embedded in my heart. As the principal, I have a long path ahead and leading the development of KTS is the primary mission. I hope to contribute to my alma mater by continuing the outstanding achievements of former principals and the educational philosophy and fine traditions of KTS that I have inherited.

With the rapid development of society, economy and technology in recent years, a new normal in education continues to emerge and is full of different challenges. However, the vision and management policies set by the school over the years remain unchanged. Building on numerous solid foundation blocks and through the following points, the school will continue developing:

  • Students' academics are important, but possessing interdisciplinary skills, self-learning skills, and good moral values are also important. Therefore, the school firstly promotes "self-confidence education", so that students can gain successful learning and life experiences, and find their own "sparkling points". They are expected to understand their own strengths and weaknesses and establish good mental well-being. In addition, we also take the core values of KTS as the basis to cultivate the characters of our students, inject various moral elements into various teaching fields, and strive to foster students into good-natured, confident and independent people.
  • With an innovative and forward-looking vision, all departments are up-to-date with international social and economic trends and educational requirements. They are committed to providing students with different learning platforms, displaying students’ talents, and enriching their learning experiences. In addition, they also actively promote leadership training, foster leadership qualities and a global perspective in students, and teach them to understand that the world is closely related to each of us. As everyone is under the same sky, we should respect different cultures and values, and strive to create a more equitable and sustainable world. We hope that each student will not only show their potential, but also know how to care for and help others, so that they can become world citizens and social leaders with a global perspective.
  • To connect with the world, language is the bridge to communicate with the world. Therefore, our school actively reinforces students' biliterate and trilingual abilities through courses and activities, allowing language to lead them into the world.
  • To ensure the professional quality of teaching staff and abide by the concept of three excellences (students, teaching staff and teaching), KTS teachers put students' learning and growth as the first consideration. Whilst they guide students with constructive, tolerant, optimistic and positive concepts, they share their professional subject knowledge through diverse learning strategies so students have a broad and deep understanding of the subject, and teach them to establish independent learning goals, thereby helping students to thrive in primary school.
  • Developing various resources for the school, including the installation of software and hardware for teaching purposes and the school will help the school continue developing in the long run. We will strengthen various information technology support, to help students keep moving forward in a learning environment that is constantly innovating. At the same time, also being committed to maintaining the beautiful surroundings of the campus of KTS, so our students can have a happy and rich student life.

To fulfil the above stated direction of development, I expect the following from children of KTS in the future:

  • It is expected that KTS students will love learning, have a positive and independent attitude to learning, engage fully in campus life, and will have and pursue their own dreams, as they move bravely forward on the road to growth.
  • It is expected that KTS students possess correct values and lead a healthy life. Whether it is self-development, family unity, governance of the country, or bringing peace to the world; however lofty the students’ aspirations are, or however big their ambitions are in the future, while acquiring knowledge, they must start with personal development, such as diligence, perseverance, responsibility, carefulness, sincerity, honesty, respect, care, distinguishing right from wrong and other core values, as well as a healthy and positive outlook on life, as the basic factors for growth in life.

Parents are also cherished at KTS. We attach great importance to home-school cooperation and parent education, in which the school provides support for the parents and we bring up the children together. In fact, we have seen from many cases that when parents and teachers communicate sincerely and pragmatically, and establish a relationship of mutual trust, the objective of home-school cooperation can fully play out, and the learning process and behaviour of the children improves, and they become their role model and beacon. Therefore, while KTS supports the parents, we also hope that parents will identify with and support KTS’s various policies and philosophies.

In addition, KTS has a history of more than 80 years and a lot of graduates. I am happy to see that KTS alumni have a strong sense of belonging to their alma mater. Even more gratifying is that alumni of different ages have been able to shine in society. Some of them have become members of the elite, leaders or outstanding people in different areas of society, but all contribute to society. Therefore, I sincerely hope that alumni of each cohort can use their professional talents to give back to their alma mater, and help their alma mater find resources to benefit their younger schoolmates and help develop the school further.

Over the years, KTS has received affirmations and support from all walks of life, and has received accolades such as, "Top Ten Ideal Primary Schools in Parents' Minds", "My Favourite Green Campus", "Healthy School", "Caring School" and "Wise NET School” amongst others, and such honours are really due to the enthusiasm of the school's board of directors. Many thanks to all the school managers for their selfless dedication and support over the years that has enabled KTS to develop from a regional primary school to a much sought-after school in Hong Kong in recent years. Although the social environment will continue to change in the future, but the educational mission of KTS remains unchanged, and in the spirit of inheriting the past and leading the future, and with the above points, I will take both school affairs and students’ achievements to the next level. The road to educating people is not an easy one. I hope that the KTS team, families and alumni will encourage and support each other, and carefully nurture the children of KTS, so they can grow up healthily and become pillars of the country.